Welcome to the website of Acacia Hill School!

Acacia Hill School is located in Alice Springs, which is known as Mparntwe by the Traditional Custodians. The school is located beside a small hill which is a significant caterpillar cocoon site according to the traditional Mparntwe caterpillar dreaming story.

Two-thirds of our students are Aboriginal, and we have students with ethnic origins in New Zealand, Sudan, Syria, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India in addition to Australian Caucasian. We also have a tremendous multicultural staff team, with teachers and special education support assistants with origins in New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Africa in addition to Australia.

For most of our students, we use the ABLES Tool and the Victorian Curriculum, which provides a developmental continuum starting from pre-Foundation levels. This allows us to cater for students according to each one’s ability and needs.

If you have any questions regarding Acacia Hill School, you are welcome to contact us on 08 8955 2222.

Kind regards,

Julie Permezel